"70% of people live paycheck to paycheck"
                                                  --- US Gov't statistic

Business is BOOMING and we are looking for good people to grow with us!

What We Do

At Career Without Walls we solve a major problem for our 50 million+ available
clients in 150 countries around the world. We hire, train, and place qualified prospects
with their businesses.

We offer a new employment work model to millions of people around the world who are seeking gainful income.

Everyone knows there is a major shift in the world's economic landscape.
But, what most people don't know is it's a shift from the old "Job Economy" to the new "Employment Ownership Economy." 

What is Employment Ownership? 

Employment ownership is a term used to describe the act of employing yourself. Career Without Walls provides an employment work model that parallels traditional jobs & employment, but, without the financial risk, long hours, low pay, unfulfilling work, and the threat of being terminated.

Why Us and Why Now?

1.  Progress: The advancement in wireless technology and social interconnectivity
2.  Personal Resources: Mass ownership of personal computers and wireless devices
3.  Ability:  A simplified leveraged based income producing system - “Employment Ownership”
4.  Scarcity: Good, safe, secure, high paying jobs are on the verge of becoming extinct
5.  Demand: The new generation workforce is demanding meaningful work, good pay, a flexible schedule and mobility

Career Without Walls is a Backbone Worldwide, Inc. Initiative

  • Backbone Worldwide, Inc. is headquartered in Tampa, Florida
  • Established since 2000
  • Is debt free with a solid track record of success
  • Founded by Burke Hedges, International best-selling author of 7 books
  • His books have reached over 4 million readers in more than 20 countries
  • He’s a respected 25 year industry veteran, business thought leader, and crusader for individual prosperity and personal freedom
  • He’s 100% dedicated to the mission and realization of the vision of Career Without Walls  

Career Without Walls is an E.O.C. (Equal Opportunity Career) company. We DO NOT discriminate!