“You First, Us Second – That’s How We Roll.”

Burke Hedges, Founder, Career Without Walls.

Meet Our Founder

Burke Hedges, founder of Career Without Walls – CareerWOW -- is an international marketing consultant, author of seven books, world lecturer and an icon in the Multi-Level Marketing industry.

He was born into an entrepreneurial family – his grandfather founded Cuba's first textile company and his father started 12 new businesses after Fidel Castro's communist regime shut down the textile factory and confiscated a family fortune of more than $20 million.

Burke made his first $1 million in his twenties – but spent more than $1.2 million to earn it. He was so broke he had to use a Chevron gas card to buy food to feed his family and worried that he'd have to return to his first job – as a $5.50-an-hour laborer in a boat manufacturing plant.

But Burke learned from his early mistakes, found a mentor who showed him a new path to success and followed the three basic principles he learned from his grandfather and father:

  1. Diversify so you're never dependent on a single source of income,
  2. Work harder, but not longer – productivity depends on focused effort, not logging hours on a time clock, and
  3. Make other people successful and your own success will follow.

Following this philosophy helped Burke make millions in construction, publishing and other businesses and to help others become rich as well. One of Burke's companies, EquiBore of America, boasts sales of nearly $5 million annually and won the Small Business of the Year Award in Florida.

Burke's clients have included Nikken, Amway and Wachovia and, at age 48 he had no real need to invest in a new venture.

But America's growing – and unrelenting – unemployment problem troubled him. Millions of people were out of work and looking for a solution – jobs – that wouldn't exist for most of them. Burke knew he had a real solution, one that could work for at least a million people who were unemployed, underemployed or dissatisfied with their income or career.

He decided to teach people what he knew and to provide them with the tools and ongoing support they needed to break free from dependency on a paycheck and grow prosperous enjoying a Career Without Walls – a business that needs only a computer or smart phone to get started.

If you're ready to work hard – but not long hours -- in a meaningful career that will enrich your life as well as the lives of others, Burke Hedges will personally provide you with dedicated training to help you become more successful than you ever dreamed possible.

Want to become 1 of the 1 million people Burke Hedges vows to help achieve financial success? Apply now!