"The median wage for American workers is $26,360, but skilled marketers
earn a median wage of $112,800 – more than 400% more."

-Social Security Administration, Median Wages, 2010; Forbes,
"The 20 Best-Paying Jobs for People Persons," 2012

Our program is simple: We make YOU the owner of your career. We hire, train, and provide you with a license so that you can earn money on your terms – you set your schedule and your financial goals and we connect you with the companies best suited to your career ownership skills. We help you own your time, your income and your life!

You cannot buy your way into our program. You must first apply and meet our qualifying criteria. If you qualify – and we'll provide tools and support to help you meet our requirements – we'll help you earn up to $100 an hour or more.

In our program we:

  1. Advertise. We have created an attraction system designed to create multiple streams of incoming leads. You will benefit from this established system, and you'll also learn how to create your own leads. If you work our proven system, you'll never run out of qualified leads.
  2. Hire. CareerWow is always hiring good people because we are free from the limits of ordinary models of work.
  3. Train. We have designed a proven training system that gives you every skill and technique you need to succeed. Our training makes your success simple and achievable.
  4. License. We license you to own your own career. You can never be fired and your earnings are unlimited. As a licensee you will receive leadership, direction and coaching at every step of your career. You are never alone.
  5. Position. We position you with powerful organizations that will create income streams and give you the leverage necessary to Dream Big, Work Smart and Live Free.

With all the tools, no guesswork, and no barriers to entry, you're in a rare position to succeed if you apply and qualify.