“Documentation beats conversations… prove that I will love it!”
                                                                                                            --- Anonymous

Testimonials are proof that something works. What others say about their experience and how they express their positive recommendation is vital for building belief and confidence in a product, service or program.  

Documentation beats conversation. Read what participants are saying about their Career Without Walls Employment Ownership training experience.

Real stories. Real People. Actual Participants!

“Amazing!” – Delyn N.

“Speechless” - Douglas H.

“Holy %$# that was life changing” - Jim W.

“Awesome” - Kathy R.

“You're talking right to me!” - Douglas H.

“Everyday gets better”  - Nick

“Thanks Burke-I'm a changed man as a result of this week!” - Nick

“Fantastic !!!!!” - John M.

“Unbelievable offer. This week is the beginning of my new life. Thank you so very much.” - Wendy G.

“Absolutely incredible. Just can't learn enough” - Emilio

“Thank you for a great week. Learned and relearned so much.” - Kathy R.

“Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!” - Ron

“Can't wait for each day with you :)” - Wendy G.

“this brings it together to really educate Burke the void that's been in the industry” - Ray G.

“No one is doing this!!” - Ron

“Good morning Burke ... can hardly see it thru tears” - Douglas H.

“Yes, it was life changing, just like this entire week so far!!!” - Lisa B.

“anyone else get chills from that?” - Mike G.

“This is a breath of FRESH AIR” - Ron

“Thanks Burke. Overpowering as always.” - Emilio

“not what I expected, MORE” - David S.

“Thrilled I'm in the program!!!” - Wendy G.

“It's been amazing. More than expected. Hard to capture all in one view. Need to see again. Thanks for all you do.” - Kathy R.

“Excellent program Burke” - Ray G.

“very pleasantly surprised” - David S.

“WOW WOW WOW! Phenomenal! Thank you! Want to listen to this again and again!” - Delyn 

“Awesome thanks!” - Jim W.

“Never seen it. Cracked me up!” - Wendy G.

“My brain feels so crowded with great stuff!” - Kathy 

“Excellent Burke!! Thank you for being you!!” - Ron

“Good Morning Burke. What an inspiring video. Excited for today!!” - Ron 

“Powerful” - Kathy R.

“I do absolutely feel it!!” - Ron

“Good job Jeff” - Steven

“Burke, I look forward to a fantastic year!!!!!!!!” - John M.

“I am inspired” - Douglas H.

“I really enjoyed last week of training. I am absolutely inspired about this program. Also, I love your mantra of you first me second!!” - Ron

“thank you again and again” - Kathy R.

“Thank you very much Burke” - Ron 

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